Phone and preparation best tools to make a sale


Phone and preparation best tools to make a sale

Simon Quicke

The old methods remain the best for those resellers trying to get sales out of IT directors with the telephone and personal contact the most likely way to get a pitch heard and business won.

According to research from business information specialist Pearlfinders just shy of half of those IT bosses quizzed (48%) viewed the telephone as the best way of talking to resellers and expected new business campaigns to be engaged on the phone.

But resellers had to come on the phone with the knowledge of the customer at their fingertips and be ready to show their research because only 21% of IT directors used a gate-keeper to shield calls and many went straight through to the intended target.

One IT director said that his first question for any reseller was what they knew about his business, "coming up with an intelligent answer is likely to get the phone call off to a better start".

A third, 34% of those IT directors surveyed, liked to use email as a way of getting initial outreach from resellers but warned that with at least 10 emails a day hitting their inboxes from suppliers a general slipshod email not tailored to the recipient was unlikely to get read.

The other factor that would decide whether or not a reseller stood a chance of getting a foot in the door with a large customer was around the effort they had made with their website with 70% of IT directors prepared to walk away from dealing with a channel player with a poor web presence.

"The best suppliers' websites are those that have simple explanations of what the supplier had done and what it could offer, with testimonials and recommendations backing this up," said another IT director.

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