Network neglect holds back IT innovation


Network neglect holds back IT innovation

Alex Scroxton

A study of 235 organisations carried out on behalf of networking and communications integrator Kcom has found that network management is too often overlooked during IT strategy planning, with the effect that installations do not perform at their full potential.

Researchers found that only 42% of corporate networks were running at optimal performance levels, with 40% of organisations lacking a clear process for considering the network when introducing new applications, and a majority conducting infrequent network utilisation reviews.

Kcom also found that just 48% of boards considered the impact on the network when planning new business strategies, while only 43% used traffic prioritisation servies, potentially putting key applications at risk of failure.

Although most firms expected to face an increase in bandwidth use by applications by 2015, just under half of decision makers were only planning to increase bandwidth, with only 27% open to taking measures to control individual bandwidth usage, for example.

"While IT has an unprecedented opportunity to deliver true value to the business in this period of economic recovery, best-laid plans for new processes and applications ultimately rely on a sound network foundation," said Kcom group executive director Paul Renucci.

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