Clegg warns of choppy times ahead


Clegg warns of choppy times ahead

Simon Quicke

With the details of the government spending cuts coming shortly the message coming out of those operating in Number 10 is that things will continue to get tough.

Preparing the ground for some more difficult messages in the next few weeks Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg popped up on the radio this morning using the word "choppy" to describe the economic situation going forward.

Speaking on Radio 4 he said that the cuts in the Autumn Spending Review were part of the wider efforts to claw the UK economy back into a healthy position.

"This recovery which is starting, is likely to be choppy and uneven," he told the BBC. The broadcaster has revealed through its own research that the cuts are hitting the North of the country hardest.

Clegg said that he wished he could "flick a switch" and rebalance the economy but it would take time and it was not something that would be done overnight.

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