Vendor squabbles hamstring mobile video market


Vendor squabbles hamstring mobile video market

Alex Scroxton

Lack of interoperability between devices and a growing number of lawsuits between mobile vendors will hold back more widespread use of mobile video technology in the next five years, says a study out today from Juniper Research.

Although the launch of Apple's FaceTime feature for the iPhone has given "some impetus" to the market for video calls over smartphone devices, it will not become a mass-market technology before 2015, said Juniper.

"The use of video calling has had several false dawns and has remained flat in recent years," said Juniper senior analyst Anthony Cox.

"We forecast there will be 29 million smartphone video users in 2015, but the market may be held back by a lack of interoperability between different devices," he added.

An increasing volume of tit-for-tat lawsuits between the likes of Apple, Motorola and Nokia will not help matters.

The vendors are taking each other to court over issues as diverse as software, touch screen and camera patents, anti-competitive practice, and even allegations of LCD price fixing.

Juniper's latest report also found that global device shipments would reach $94bn by the mid-point of the decade, with technology such as 3D functionality and dual core processors helping drive the market.

Analysts also predicted a flurry of new entrants to the market, as operating systems trend towards open source and components become increasingly standardised.

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