Banks need to take security more seriously


Banks need to take security more seriously

Simon Quicke

Resellers in the financial sector with security knowledge could find their services much in demand as banks face up to the choice of improving data protection or losing customers.

According to the latest bi-annual index from Unisys there are widespread fears among the UK population about the security of banking information with one in ten customers changing banks because of their fears.

The report revealed that 85% of the population are concerned about bank card fraud and 75% are prepared to walk away from a bank if they feel it doesn't take security seriously enough.

"The bi-annual index from Unisys shows that 85 percent of the population are worried about bank card fraud and identity theft. In addition, 75 per cent said that won't bank or shop with people they cannot trust to safeguard their personal data," said Amichai Shulman, Imperva's chief technology officer.

"What some banks don't realise is that, despiute the security barriers being raised in recent times, the criminal hacking industry is not going to close down," he added.

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