Government department plans to tackle deficit to be revealed


Government department plans to tackle deficit to be revealed

Simon Quicke

More details of where the spending cuts will fall in government departments should emerge today with the Prime Minister publishing business plans from Whitehall.

The promise of more detailed business plans from government departments was made in last months Comprehensive Spending Review and the meat of the cuts announced by the Chancellor last month should start to be put on the bones today.

There will be job losses, with unions and business groups braced for tens of thousands to join the dole queue, but there will also be a focus on cutting inefficiency and bureaucracy.

According to excerpts from his speech pre-released David Cameron will outline a system where departments publish business plans online and update them on a monthly basis.

"Instead of bureaucratic accountability to the government machine, these business plans bring in a new system of democratic accountability ... Reform will be driven not by the short-term political calculations of the government, but by the consistent, long-term pressure of what people want and choose in their public services," he will say.

One of the calls from businesses since the change of government in the election back in May is for some clarity in where the axe will fall in the battle to beat the deficit. Later today there should be more indications of what the belt tightening will mean across Whitehall.

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