Hosted private clouds will emerge as channel play in 2011


Hosted private clouds will emerge as channel play in 2011

Simon Quicke

Hosted private clouds will out number internal systems next year as more customers look to avoid building their own systems and suffering failure.

According to Forrester vice president and principal analyst James Staten those that have been early adopters with the cloud will lead from experience as they look to move to more stable options.

One of his main predictions for next year, listed on a blog post, is that hosted private clouds will outnumber internal clouds by a factor of 3:1.

"The top reason empowered employees go to public cloud services is speed. They can gain access to these services in minutes. Private clouds must meet this demand and not once, but consistently. That means standardized procedures executed by automation software not hero VMware administrators," he writes.   

"And most enterprises aren't ready to pass the baton. But service providers will be ready in 2011. This is your fast path to private cloud, so take it," he adds in a note that will have implications for the channel.

He also warns those that are waiting for cloud standards to emerge before deployment to accept the fact they won't be here next year.

"Expect draft specifications and even a possible ratification or two next year, but adoption of the standard will remain years off. Don't let that hold you back from using cloud technologies, though, as most are built on the backs of prior standards efforts," he added.

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