FAST gives SAM ISO standard its backing


FAST gives SAM ISO standard its backing

Simon Quicke

The development of an ISO standard around software asset management (SAM) has been given the thumbs up by those in the industry promoting the technology to users.

The ISO.IEC JTC1 SC7 WG 21 standard is being previewed by a working group on SAM and offers the potential to unite different approaches to the software auditing under a single methodology.

FAST IiS has given its backing to the trials and the standard, which should provide a common language for SAM, with John Lovelock, chief executive at the software industry body arguing that costs can be reduced for users if there are agreed processes that suppliers are working to.

"Both cost and risk can be reduced by implementing the right processes. Companies cannot financially afford to continue to over-purchase software licenses in this climate and legally cannot risk under-purchasing. These have to be the most compelling arguments for adopting effective SAM policies in the current market," he said.

He said the established ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM standard was evolving to offer more accessible tiers. With the next generation 19770-1 approach from the ISO/IEC standards committee, organisations can evaluate and demonstrate the high-priority processes, which is the parts of SAM recognised for Tier 1 attainment of the ISO SAM standard.

"The established ISO/IEC 19770-1 SAM Standard is evolving to offer more accessible tiers so FAST IiS endorsement is very timely," he added  "Together this answers industry demands for recognising reliable and repeatable Trustworthy Data on software and related IT assets."

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