Users start to look at putting mission critical apps in cloud


Users start to look at putting mission critical apps in cloud

Simon Quicke

Companies are considering moving more of their mission critical applications into the coud environment next year as standards and automated process emerge.

There has been resistance from users to using the cloud for transactional areas of the business but that appears to be changing as firms weigh up the cost benefits of shifting more applications into a hosted environment.

Tom Doyle, executive vice president, world wide sales at Precise, said that it had seen many of its customers, which included mid sized companies up to multinationals, mapping out plans to move to the cloud this year.

"Almost every customer has an initiative running and many are running components of their business over the cloud but these are not mission critical apps more back office," he said.

But Doyle said that the landscape would change going into 2011 and "there will be a tenfold increase in the number of companies running mission critical apps in the cloud."

But one source in the security channel said that there was still widespread resistance to moving beyond using the cloud for email and backup.

"It works for those type of applications, after all who in an IT department wants to spend their time on that when it can be handled in the cloud? But getting them to put mission critical information that way is going to take a bit longer," he said.

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