Government moves to firm up cost structure for piracy fight


Government moves to firm up cost structure for piracy fight

Simon Quicke

The government has taken a step closer to cementing legislation around the cost structure for tackling online piracy in the Digital Economy Act.

Secondary legislation is being put before parliament and will be debated in both houses to confirm that the split in terms of costs in chasing online copyright infringers will be divided 75% for the rights holders and 25% for the ISPs.

The decision to put the onus of the costs onto rights holders was made last September but the legislation to make that legal has yet to be given the nod by politicians.

Communications minister Ed Vaizey said that around £400m was lost to online infringement and more had to be done to protect the UK's creative economy.

"We are introducing a system of mass notification to warn people about the unlawfulness of copyright infringement, explain the harm it does and point them towards legitimate content," he said.

"These measures are expected to benefit industry by around £200m a year and as rights holders will be the main beneficiaries, we believe our decision on costs is fair to everyone," he added.

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