Security camera growth handing data dealers opportunities


Security camera growth handing data dealers opportunities

Simon Quicke
The opportunities for resellers confident of networking CCTV systems continue to expand with the market defying the recession with double digit growth last year.

The shift from analog cameras to IP high definition products is continuing but many customers seem to be adopting a hybrid solution using their existing kit as much as possible while exploiting the advances of the network.

Jukka Riivari, CEO of Mirasys, which provides management tools for CCTV and video surveillance systems, said that the market was growing by double figures but there was not a move by users to dump their analog kit.

"There is a shift happening in the industry from analog to network based but users also want to use analog cameras in their network set-up, which we are calling hybrid systems," he said.

He added that data resellers were well placed to take advantage of the emerging half-way house situation because they had experience of the network and of software management systems.

John Turner, head of IP physical security at ComputerLinks, said that more customers were looking to move towards IP networked technology but could not afford to dump their existing analog camera investment.

"People are being a bit more canny and are not going to discard all of their current investment but they want to move to the best IP can offer," he added "The key is a single management system to manage the whole system." 

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