ComputerLinks adds storage to its cloud services line-up


ComputerLinks adds storage to its cloud services line-up

Simon Quicke

ComputerLinks has added a storage service to its Alvea could platform offering for resellers building on the security and backup features it already provides in the hosted environment.

Ever since the distributor launched the Alvea platform last year it has promised an expansion in the service as it adds more features for resellers to use and sell onto customers.

The cloud attached storage product combines an on-premise network attached device which provides a local copy of the data for fast recovery but is also backed up online to add extra protection.

Dave Ellis, director of new technologies and services at ComputerLinks, said that it had canvessed opinion widely to find out what services resellers would like to see added to the cloud portal, and storage was one area that met the needs of the customer and the channel.

"Lots of people are talking about the cloud but when you look back at what they are doing a lot of it is hot air and not adding any value," he said.

He said one consequence of offering storage that it was prepared for was to expand into and engage with a different reseller base as the traditional security distie started to sell a storage product.

"It is converging and it is all about data lifecycle management and it will open other resellers up to us," he added.

The company behind the cloud storage service, Ctera Networks, has formed a partnership with the distributor and Liran Eshel, CEO of the vendor, said the tie-up with ComputerLinks would benefit its existing channel partners.

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