SAP sets out ambition to make enterprise software 'cool again'


SAP sets out ambition to make enterprise software 'cool again'

Simon Quicke

Enterprise software has become dull and predictable with the torch of innovation passing to the consumer space but one of the biggest players at the high-end of the market has set out its ambition to make business products "cool again".

Speaking at its business tour in Boston, SAP executive board member Vishal Sikka said that the last few years had seen a change in the traditional market split between the high-end and the consumer space.

"It is time to restablish technology leadership in the enterprise landscape," he said that traditionally high-end products came with the assumption they had more features and could offer greater services but, "in the past few years the consumer world has been innovating and the enterprise world has become dull, boring and staid."

Sikka outlined the three areas SAP is backing to become major areas of enterprise software innovation - mobility, cloud and in-memory.

The influence of the demand for mobility and the cloud is already being felt across the market but the expectation is that in-memory, which refers to the ability of powerful software to exploit the latest hardware, will also play a major role in shaping future products.

"There have been dramatic advance of hardware which allows you to bring new software that was previously not possible," he said.

He said that in-memory technology would enable real-time analytics for ERP and other business intelligence systems exploiting the processor power.

Comments made on Twitter while the keynote was being given indicated that resellers had already grasped their importance in the vendor's plans with one commenting that channel support for the next generation products was "crucial" to their success.

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