Management issues create virtualisation stall


Management issues create virtualisation stall

Simon Quicke

Despite the improvements specialised virtualised management tools would make to running an infrastructure there is resistance from users to adopting them.

The results of those decisions, according to research from Veeam, is that the wider roll-out of virtualisation is being stalled.

The Veeam survey of CIOs found that 80% that use specialist tools would prefer to stick with their old management software which they understand and offers an interface they are very familiar with.

The question of ease of management is the top priority in making a decision about which software to go for in around half of the customer base.

Ratmir Timashev, CEO of Veeam, said that around 40% of servers were virtualised but there had been a "stall" because of the management issues preventing customers from extending across the remaining 60%.

"To get the maximum return of investment the next step is providing a better management. There is a virtualisation stall and problems with the management is slowing down adoption," he said.

The answer he believed is to provide management tools that bolt onto what users are already using removing the need for a new interface or for a great deal of increased training.

"We have to create opportunities to educate customers and leverage investments that they have already made. Why do they need to buy specialist tools when they can extend the functionality of the existing system," he added.

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