Epson starts High Court case to protect brand and channel


Epson starts High Court case to protect brand and channel

Simon Quicke

Epson has kicked off High Court proceedings in a move to defend its printer ink cartridge patents.

The court action against Dynamic Cassette International Limited relates to its own-brand cartridges that are sold in the UK under the Jet Tec brand.

The cartridges are sold on the high-street in the UK and in many other countries and are alleged to infringe on the vendor's patents.

Epson said that it was taking a "proactive stance against infringements" in order to protect its brand and support channel partners.
The vendor has turned to the law in the past to crack down on third party products it believes are infringing its patents.

Robert Clark, executive director of Epson Europe, said that it invested heavily in research and development to make sure that customers got the best results and it would not stand by and watch other firms come in and benefit from that expenditure.

"Attempts to copy our technologies impact both on us as a brand and on our customers' experiences. As a business we are committed to protecting our investments, and our resulting products and technologies, the world over," he said.

The last time Epson called on the law to sort out its patent disputes it ended in a victory over  Medea International after it was agreed various products did infringe on the vendor's intellectual property.

The printer specialist spent three years, between 2007 to 2010, to get cartridges that are manufactured in China but sold by Medea in the UK taken off the market and last summer successfully stopped eBuyer from selling the Inkrite range.

A court date was looming for Medea but the company has decided not to fight and question the validity of Epson's patents by withdrawing brands including Inkrite, JR Inkjet and Inkjet from sale. Medea also paid an undisclosed sum to the vendor to cover costs and damages.
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