FUD around cloud selling not seen as helpful


FUD around cloud selling not seen as helpful

Simon Quicke

The channel used to thrive on the fear, uncertainty and doubt sales technique but these days voicing worries about technology in that way goes against the grain.

So it is perhaps of little surprise that comments made by an HP spokesman raising security fears around the cloud have been criticised by others in the channel.

According to recent reports, Subbu Iyer, senior director of products, application lifecycle management software at HP, raised concerns that security had to be considered as a fundamental first question when users, particularly SMEs, moved to the cloud.

Although he said that cloud was going to be an opportunity for the channel he saw it in terms of plugging the gap that was a consequence of smaller customers failing to have the in-house skills to establish the necessary security around the cloud.

But the emphasis on raising doubts so early on in the cloud discussion have been seen as a negative approach by some in the industry.

Costas Galonis, managing director of cloud provider Cirrus Stratus, said that it could be scaremongering to  overplay the security card.

"The Cloud is the inevitable future for SMEs as well as big corporations. The biggest security risks are from insider threats - people within the organisation who gain unauthorised data or take advantage of lax IT security procedures," he said.

"By setting the right levels of security, Cloud providers can help their customers mitigate any risk. Good management of cloud technology will in many ways significantly reduce  client's risk. It is all about management of the data and clear communications between the vendor and the customer" he added.

Customer fears around security have consistently been cited as one of the main reasons why the movement towards the cloud has not been more wholesale over the last 18 months. Despite numerous vendor solutions it continues to be a worry for users.

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