Data loss widespread problem for UK firms


Data loss widespread problem for UK firms

Simon Quicke
Firms including, Sony and Lush might hog the headlines when it comes to recent stories about data loss but there are many more firms, around 75% of UK businesses, suffering mishaps.

The revelation that as many as one in four firms has been the victim of data loss will provide a boon to those selling security but should worry those keen to keep a lid on the current wave of breaches.

The Check Point study found that data was going missing due to a number of factors including the loss or theft of laptops, network attacks and storage on unencrypted storage devices.

"We understand that data security and compliance are often at the top of the CISO's list. However, if you look at the drivers for data loss, the majority of incidents are unintentional," said Oded Gonda, vice president of network security products at Check Point Software Technologies.

Added to the concerns about data integrity were the findings that half of those quizzed felt that their staff had little or no understanding around the need to keep data secure.

"In order to move data loss from detection to prevention, businesses should consider integrating more user awareness and establish the appropriate processes to gain more visibility and control of information assets," said Gonda.

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