Close to half of IT pros in the market for a career move


Close to half of IT pros in the market for a career move

Alex Scroxton

Over 40 per cent of IT professionals are actively seeking work, with 52 per cent keeping an eye on the IT jobs market, according to a survey of the ICT recruitment sector by the IT Job Board.

Somehwat alarmingly, 40 per cent of IT workers have also thought about starting afresh and changing their career altogether, raising the worrying prospect of further skills being lost to the industry.

The report highlighted that by September, 35 per cent of permanent workers and 57 per cent of contractors hoped to change roles.

IT Job Board managing director Alexandra Farrell said she expected to see high rates of churn among IT contractors, but the high numbers of permanent staff scanning the recruitment ads was alarming.

"UK businesses could be in for a shock as we climb out of recession," she added. "Losing such highly qualified payroll staff could have a serious impact on companies' IT departments."

Among the factors affecting the decision to move, lack of career progression and pay and conditions were cited by many; the survey found that 61 per cent of IT workers expected no or minimal pay increases, and saw no prospect of a bonus either.

Farrell said businesses needed to take stock of how to attract and retain IT workers, saying that money was not necessarily always the problem.

"Comapnies need to re-engage with their staff. Bosses should address the factors which motivate their staff and those which keep them enthusiastic in their work," said Farrell.

"Employees will understand their hasn't been a great deal of money around during the recession, but as we begin to look towards more positive times, they will expected to be treated in the same way as their industry peers. It is vital for businesses to address this," she said.

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