Resellers told to name and shame late payers


Resellers told to name and shame late payers

Simon Quicke

Resellers are being urged to anonymously name and shame late paying companies to try to pile the pressure on those trying to stretch out clearing invoices.

Late payment has been a bugbear of the channel throughout the recession but is continuing to cause problems, particularly for those smaller companies desperate to get their hands on cash flow.

One distributor told MicroScope of the latest trend where its resellers were being asked to split or redraw up invoices and then had customers taking advantage of an additional 30 days after having made them go through that process.

"It is really killing resellers at the moment and they are having to come to us and ask for extended credit terms because customers are taking advantage of them like this," she said.

The call for a naming and shaming comes from the Forum of Private Business (FPB), which believes that doing it anonymously will protect the identities of resellers encouraging them to speak out against late payers with more confidence.

The business group has established a late payment hall of shame where those guilty of failing to pay on time can be outed by the channel.

"We are urging all small suppliers who have suffered to come forward and provide us with evidence that they have been squeezed, and we can absolutely guarantee their anonymity," said the Forum's head of campaigns Jane Bennett.

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