Microsoft calls on channel to carry on with Windows 7 push


Microsoft calls on channel to carry on with Windows 7 push

Simon Quicke

Microsoft has urged resellers to keep the momentum going around Windows 7 pointing out it is the foundation for an upgrade path to future operating systems.

The call for further sales of Windows 7 was made by Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, who was banging the drum over its latest OS sales figures at the opening day of the vendor's worldwide partner conference.

Even though Windows 8 is in the pipeline, and Ballmer himself has been vocal about the plans for an operating system refresh sometime next year, the need for the channel to encourage customers to migrate away from XP continues to be the focus, with around 200 PCs still running the aging software.

"We see a future with a heterogeneous enterprise environment of Windows 8 devices and apps alongside Windows 7 PCs and apps," said Tami Reller, corporate vice president and chief financial officer of Windows and Windows Live.
"At the heart of our ability to deliver Windows 8 is the flexibility Windows has consistently shown; its ability to adapt over time is what ensures Windows will continue to be highly relevant in the future," Reller added.

Ballmer thanked resellers for making Windows 7 its best selling OS and said that they could be confident in getting in line behind the vendor's plans for the cloud and smart phones.

The four day event tends to be the platform from which Microsoft will push out its main themes for resellers to follow with last year's being around cloud and that theme is likely to be key again this time.

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