Workaholics or scared of losing their jobs? UK workers can't take a proper break


Workaholics or scared of losing their jobs? UK workers can't take a proper break

Billy MacInnes

If you're reading this while on holiday, you're just another work-obsessed Brit who can't take a proper break when you head off on a vacation.

Almost three-quarters of office workers in the City of London phone, text or email their work when they're supposed to be on holiday, more than half (54%) check emails at least once a day and almost a third (32%) do so more than once every day.

The results from a survey by secure storage specialist Origin Storage also reveal that 62% of workers expect their employer to contact them while they're on holiday (there's no word on how many would be disappointed if their expectation wasn't met).

A fairly sad 44% felt that being contactable while on holiday gave them job security and 41% took mobile devices on holiday for work (even their poor devices don't get a break!).

Workers may feel they have no choice given the opinion of Mike, a CEO from Barnes: "I absolutely expect to contact my staff when on holiday," he told Origin Storage. "If they don't want the job, there are thousands who do... Myself included, can we really afford not to work all the hours in this economic climate? I think not."

Origin Storage managing director Andy Cordial said the results showed the UK was turning into a nation of workaholics. The company used the results to highlight the security implications of staff taking devices on holiday, especially when over 50% had no security on their laptops.

"Who is to blame? Is it the employee who just can't let go or the employer for making them feel that they have to be accessible in the first place? Regardless of why it's happening, our advice to the corporate world is: if you expect to contact your staff while away then it is down to you to secure their devices."

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