Book Review: 50 Ways To Make Google Love Your Web Site


Book Review: 50 Ways To Make Google Love Your Web Site

Nick Booth

Thumbnail image for 50 Way to Make Google Love your Web site.bmpI had a Japanese business card moment with this book. I pored over it, desperate to be impressed. But there's nothing to immediately enthuse over.

The problem with most business books is they never get to the point quickly. That's because the publishers always demand 12 chapters and around 80,000 words.

Agents advise writers to start their book with their best chapter. At least, that's what we've been told. But by the time you've read the introduction and the gettng to know bit, you've lost the will to go on.

There's plenty to be suspicious about. This column is not mad about the way Google dictates how you write. "Start Every Word Of Your Headline In Upper Case" is one piece of advice. Looks terrible. You'd never catch us doing that.

Google's algorithms looks for repeated patterns, apparently, as evidence of context. So, here's a repeated message for you: "Up Yours You Uppity Algorithms!"

blah de blah de blah

 "Up Yours You Uppity Algorithms!"

rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

"Up Yours You Uppity Algorithms!

And take your stupid tags with you an' all!

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