Hackers using search engines to map targets


Hackers using search engines to map targets

Simon Quicke

Hackers are taking advantage of search engines to seek out corporate vulnerabilities and map out targets harnessing the power of thousands of botnets to reveal the defences in specific servers.

Imperva's latest hacking report highlights the use of Google as one of the emerging methods that hackers are adopting to quickly assess where they should target their malicious ambitions.

"Hackers have become experts at using Google to create a map of hackable targets on the Web.  This cyber reconnaissance allows hackers to be more productive when it comes to targeting attacks which may lead to contaminated web sites, data theft, data modification, or even a compromise of company servers" explained Imperva's CTO, Amichai Shulman.

The result of the survey is for Imperva to lead the call for search engine firms to do more to protect users against hacking.

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