Channel could benefit from NOA call for multi-sourcing


Channel could benefit from NOA call for multi-sourcing

Simon Quicke

The National Outsourcing Association (NOA) is warning that in the wake of the decision by Fujitsu workers to strike customers should be looking into the idea of taking their services from a larger number of suppliers.

Fujitsu workers voted to strike last week, with walkouts possible this month and next, which could have an impact on some its customers including HMRC, DVLA and the Office of National Statistics.

The strike ballot was the result of a long running dispute between the Unite and Fujistu over the claim one of its union reps had been targeted and made redundant.

In response to the strike action the NOA chairman Martyn Hart has sounded a warning to other firms that use large single service specialists advising them to use multi-sourcing using a number of suppliers.

 "It seems the current austerity measures may be leading to a period of discontent.  Some organisations deploying outsourcing or shared services may be concerned about industrial action within their suppliers.  One way to avoid interruptions in supply is to utilise multi-sourcing," he said.

Multi-sourcing could be of a benefit to the channel with Hart advising smaller suppliers to group together under the umbrella of a single contract.

"Multi-sourcing allows for more robust continuity of service than relying purely on one supplier. The companies chosen can be large or small - a joint contract between a group of SMEs can be an effective way to spread risk thinly. Diversifying location is also beneficial," he said.

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