BSA compliance campaign settles on the North East


BSA compliance campaign settles on the North East

Simon Quicke

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) has launched a campaign encouraging software licensing compliance in the North East of England as part of its ongoing determination to spread the message about being on the right side of the law across the UK.

With the losses to the UK software industry running into the millions of pounds because of the continued use by firms and individuals of unlicensed and illegal copies of software the need to educate users remains as strong as ever.

Last year the BSA launched a pilot scheme focusing just on firms in Birmingham writing letters and emails to encourage business bosses to think about compliance and the risks they were running using unlicensed software. The success of that pilot then spurred a similar effort in the North West and the North East has now become the focus.

Julian Swan, director, compliance marketing EMEA at the BSA, , said that the "purpose of this campaign is not to catch people out", but to provide education and access to audit tools that would ensure firms were on the right side of the law.

He added that it also presented an opportunity to resellers who could get involved with customer conversations about compliance and use them not just to sell extra licenses but to talk about the general IT strategy.

The campaign will run in the North East for the immediate future but the BSA is planning to move the spotlight to other parts of the country next year.

"This is an ongoing campaign and we will move into different regions and we are intending to do it into the first half of 2012," added Swan.

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