UK firms lead the way on Bring Your Own IT front


UK firms lead the way on Bring Your Own IT front

Simon Quicke

The movement by employees to bring their own devices to work is unstoppable with it just being a couple of percent short of being a universal activity.

But even though 92% of organisations quizzed by Citrix revealed they were aware that staff were bringing in their own devices much lower numbers had taken measures to formalise that activity.

The UK was leading the way in terms of viewing bring your own as a way of increasing employee satisfaction and driving down IT costs.

Citrix found that the UK organisations are more likely than other countries surveyed to trial Bring Your Own (BYO) schemes, with 33 per cent intending to do this within the next year.

When it came to product preferences UK workers still like the power of a laptop with 76% using those, 75% hugging their smartphones and tablets are already being deployed in the workplace by 62% of British workers.

James Stevenson, area vice president UK, Ireland and South Africa at Citrix, said that being aware of bring your own device was one thing and being ready to deal with it was another that had security as well as productivity issues.

"UK businesses are clearly aware that Bring Your Own (BYO) is happening in their organisation and are very switched on to the benefits it can deliver - but there are still some steps to be taken to close the gap and ensure BYO is supported from an IT and financial perspective," he said.

"The trend for employees wanting to use their own devices, especially tablets, is only going to grow over the next two years, so businesses that acknowledge now that this group is influencing future IT policy will be best positioned to reap the benefits," he added.

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