O-bit flowers in Daisy's garden


O-bit flowers in Daisy's garden

Alex Scroxton

O-bit Telecom, acquired by Daisy Group last February, will launch new channel services next week as it presents a fresh face to the market and reveals it has not, as at first expected, been wholly absorbed by its new owners. 

According to David Breith, CEO at the Bucks-based firm, Daisy had planned to integrate O-bit into its Wholesale unit but, he told MicroScope, management had a change of heart.

As a result, said Breith, O-bit will continue to function as a standalone unit, while he remains on board for the forseeable future.

"Obviously through due diligence you can only find out so much about a company," he explained. "And Daisy acknowledged we have good systems, good people and good intellectual property."

A key plank of O-bit's IP portfolio that Daisy has chosen to hang on to is a bespoke in-house billing platform, called Merlin, Breith said.

The platform boasts end-to-end automatic customer processing tools that O-bit claimed will substantially speed up a VAR's ability to get end-users up and running.

Breith said this was a major differentiator against its competitors, and as such the platform will form a key USP of a new partnership with mobile provider, and long-term Daisy partner, O2, that will see the firm add white label mobility services to its resellers for the first time.

O-bit sales and marketing director Elizabeth Sparrow said: "This launch comes at a perfect time, it's an opportunity to demonstrate to the market that we're looking for new owners of growth, and for our resellers, mobility offers a perfect opportunity to diversify in a complementary way."

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