BSA takes anti-piracy campaign to Nottingham


BSA takes anti-piracy campaign to Nottingham

Simon Quicke

The Business Software Alliance is heading to Nottingham in the next stage of its ongoing campaign to educate firms and stamp out piracy and the use of unlicensed software in the UK.

The software lobby group has been in other locations carrying out a two-pronged approach of supplying businesses in a specific geographical location with letters explaining the reasons to take intellectual property seriously as well as providing advice about ways to go about it.

But along with the education often comes some cases of enforcement with those that have been caught out not paying fore their software being forced into legal proceedings with the BSA.

To add to the pressure on law breakers the BSA is doubling its reward for whistle blowers with a maximum of £20,000 now on offer to those that highlight wrong doing in the workplace.

Julian Swan, director, compliance marketing EMEA, BSA, said that there were serious consequences for those firms that ran the risks of failing to look after their software estate.

"Over one in four pieces of software in the UK is illegal, and over the past two years, the cost to UK businesses of using unlicensed software doubled to over £2 million as a result of legal action. This figure includes settlements and the cost of acquiring new software licenses in order to become compliant," he said.

"However, the real cost to businesses would also take into account other expenses, such as the impact to cash flow when having to make unplanned software purchases, damage to companies' reputations and the operational downtime, resulting from using unlicensed software which is often less resistant to viruses and other malware," he added.

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