Wozniak urges industry to innovate


Wozniak urges industry to innovate

Simon Quicke

Steve Wozniak, the founder of Apple, has been sharing his experience in the industry with attendees at IP Expo uring the IT community to continue innovation.

The industry veteran, who now has a position as chief scientist at Fusion-IO, used his keynote at the show to promote the great rewards that were offer to those that were prepared to take risks.

"Lots of people who try to innovate fail but you have to be prepared to take risks," he added "You have to clear out of your head the idea that there is only one way of doing things and it is already known."

He said that there was a temptation to try and read the book on the subject for guidance but the challenge was "to write the book yourself".

When asked on a seperate note what he thought the future held for his old company in the wake of Steve Job's death he said that corpororate culture took years to embed in an organisation and the culture set down by Jobs would be part of the vendor's fabric for a long time to come.

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