Steve Jobs bio reveals late CEO's thoughts on Google, HP


Steve Jobs bio reveals late CEO's thoughts on Google, HP

Billy MacInnes

Steve Jobs was prepared to spend every penny of Apple's $40bn cash pile to destroy Android, which he described as a "stolen product".

According to early previews of the authorised biography of the Apple CEO, written by Walter Isaacson and published today, Jobs said he was going to "destroy Android" and was "willing to go thermonuclear on this". He told Google CEO Eric Schmidt that he wanted the company "to stop using our ideas in Android".

Other revelations from the book include his views on other companies in the IT industry and his admiration for his successor Tim Cook and Apple's design guru Jonathan Ive.

"If I had a spiritual partner at Apple, it's Jony," Jobs told Isaacson.

He also had some sharp views on the current state of Hewlett-Packard. "Hewlett and Packard built a great company, and they thought they had left it in good hands. But now it's being dismembered and destroyed. I hope I've left a stronger legacy so that will never happen at Apple."

As he neared his death, Jobs' views on the existence of God seemed to fluctuate, but he told Isaacson that he often felt life was like an on-off switch. "Click, and you're gone. And that's why I don't like putting on-off switches on Apple devices."

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