Green IT key to achieving network efficiencies


Green IT key to achieving network efficiencies

Alex Scroxton

Resellers seeking to optimise their end-user networks for cost efficiencies would do well to talk up green solutions as an element of the pitch, according to a new study into enterprise IT networks from ingfrastructure specialist CommScope.

CommScope quizzed 100 network managers and systems integrators in the UK and found that 84% of firms had already started to take steps to improve the energy efficiency of their networks during 2011.

This investment looks set to continue into 2012, the firm said, with 46% of enterprises believing implementing a green IT strategy was actually the most cost-effective route to achieving cost savings in the network, which was itself cited by 49% as the most significant goal in the coming year.

CommScope European vice president of enterprise sales, Koen ter Linde, said the findings showed a widepread strategy to cut costs by "investing in solutions that are proven to optimise performance and increase reliability, as opposed to simply reducing expenditure or opting for lesser quality alternatives."

Added ter Linde: "The importance of these issues is going to frow in time and we fully expect organisations to ensure they have a clear upgrade path to energy efficient and intelligent infrastructure, allowing them to deploy full-scale upgrades when the time is right."

CommScope's survey also revealed that improving network reliability was also high on the agenda, with intelligent infrastructure solutions designed to increase network visibility and eliminate errors being considered by 38%.

Longer-term investments were, predictably, dictated by cloud computing and virtualisation, which is expected to have the biggest impact on enterprise network infrastructure over the next five years.

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