Disaster recovery plans causing customer concerns


Disaster recovery plans causing customer concerns

Simon Quicke

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned that their disaster recovery plans are not able to deliver the results they need creating an opportunity for resellers to step into the breach and offer support.

The latest Data Resilience Report from Vision Solutions has revealed that not only are users struggling to cope with the increasingly complexity of a mixed physical infrastructure and virtualisation environment but are turning to recovery as a service providers.

Ian Masters, UK sales director at Vision Solutions, said that each year it did the survey it threw up a trend and the confidence issue was one that was likely to stay on the agenda for a while.

"The reasons the confidence has gone down is because of the issues handling a mix of so many physical and virtual tools," he said.

"Environments will continue to get more complex and people have been buying different things to fix each problem and how do you get them to work together," he added.

As a result of the worries more users are turning to channel specialists who can provide recovery as a service and Masters said he expected more of its reseller partners to develop an expertise in that area.

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