Customers looking to use IT to drive innovation not cuts


Customers looking to use IT to drive innovation not cuts

Simon Quicke
Customers are going to continue to want to do more with less through the course of this year even though a significant number of those controlling the IT budget purse strings expect their funds to increase.

Things have moved on from the pressure to use IT as a cost cutting tool last year but the environment remains challenging and where budget will be allocated is around supporting growth and innovation.

The Corporate IT Forum, a body promoting best practices in IT, found that there will be some efforts to deal with consumerisation as well as using technology to support moves into emerging markets.

Those CIOs that the organisation quizzed remained optimistic that budgets would bbe made available to fund innovation. The exception remains the public sector where the focus continues to be cutting costs.

Ollie Ross, head of research at the Corporate IT Forum, described the year ahead as one of innovation.

"The effects of a dire economy were very much felt by the industry over the past few years, with projects coming to a standstill in many cases. Whilst budgets are still set to be tight in 2012, operational focus is on doing more with less rather than cost cutting," he said.

"The leading new operational goals for 2012 across all respondents are innovation and creating an agile business, whereas for CIOs the number one goal for 40% was improving risk management," he added. 
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