Security resellers missing low hanging fruit


Security resellers missing low hanging fruit

Simon Quicke

Security resellers might be missing the low hanging fruit around license renewals because they don't have the necessary tools to keep an eye on customer purchasing cycles.

A suggested answer, that comes from SonicWALL, is to lean more on vendors to exploit the tools they can offer to automate license renewal procedures.

Although there has been a lot of emphasis on monthly pay-as-you-go licensing models a significant number of users still have annual contracts for programmes like anti-virus and the failure to update those denies the reseller cash but also exposes the customer to threats.

"Without an automated renewal service, or a reminder to companies to annually re-subscribe, they leave their customers using firewalls that become useless as they do not have the licensed software support in place that is required to validate the hardware," said Martyn Brownlie, country manager, UK & Ireland at SonicWALL.

He said that it had tools that resellers could use to monitor the licensing across their customer base and for smaller dealers it made sense to try and capture as much of that revenue as possible.

"This is low hanging fruit for the SMB reseller which in these difficult times can help them to increase their revenue in a very simple and effective way whilst providing a very valuable service to their customers," he added.

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