Threat of EU data protection changes felt in security budgets


Threat of EU data protection changes felt in security budgets

Simon Quicke

Just the prospect of changes in data protection laws coming out of the EU has caused customers to think differently about how they are protecting their data.

The EU has already outlined its intention to clamp down on those failing to protect sensitive customer information with significant fines and a need to publicly reveal the breach although it will take a few years to become law the headlines around the proposals have already made an impact.

Research from Tufin has revealed that security budgets are already being increased as a result of the need to be compliant with the EU data protection laws and users are already reviewing their procedures.

The vendor discovered that in its research sample 27% of reporting security budgets had already increased in response to the proposed EU changes.

Shaul Efraim, vice president of marketing and business development for Tufin Technologies, said that many customers had been through similar upheaval when they started to get ready for PCI DSS compliance around customer credit card data.

He said that the key was to increase the number of automated processes to ensure that nothing was going to be missing on a compliance audit.

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