Stordis picks up UK network start-up Gnodal


Stordis picks up UK network start-up Gnodal

Alex Scroxton

High performance storage and networking distie Stordis has signed a deal with Bristol-based switching start-up Gnodal to help the fledgling company take its first steps in the channel.

Gnodal, which was set up five years ago, specialises in 10 and 40 gig Ethernet switches, utilising an in-house custom ASIC, which it claims can deliver latency as low as 150ns - around half that of its competitors - rising by just 66ns per additional switch.

Its GS Series lines also support lossless datacentre Ethernet standards, potentially eliminating the need for customers to spend on fabrics such as Fibre Channel or InfiniBand and enabling deployment of high performance storage and compute technology.

Stordis CEO Alexander Jeffries said he saw potential for Gnodal's technology in verticals such as high-frequency financial trading, "where performance delivers an absolute competitive advantage."

He added: "[However], Gnodal is more than a one-trick, low-latency switch. The GS Series really comes into its own in larger datacentre environments, where network performance and functionality can be used to optimise hardware efficiency, reducing overall costs and energy usage."

"We have taken advanced, high performance networking technology and adapted this to suit the growing performance needs of the broader Ethernet market," said Gnodal EMEA sales vice president Colin Bridger.

"To do this effectively we needed distribution partners that can not only educate and support resellers, but also extend this to the customer and proactively drive new business into the channel."


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