Cutting taxes and red tape pitched as way to encourage growth


Cutting taxes and red tape pitched as way to encourage growth

Simon Quicke

With the Eurozone economic crisis deepening the pressure is being raised for the government to do more to help British businesses.

As the newly appointed French President travels to Berlin to talk of a need to shift the focus from austerity to growth and the Greek politicians continue to try and form a government the strategy being adopted by the British government has come under scrutiny.

Speaking this morning on TV a Institute of Directors spokesman said that the burden of the austerity measures had so far been taken up by the private sector and the government should now focus on taking more of the strain and do more to support firms trying tio grow.

He suggested that tax cuts and reducing red tape would be steps that could be taken now that would enable the government to follow a twin policy of encouraging growth while keeping the austerity measures going.

most economists agree that growth fueled by more debt cannot be considered a serious option but more can be done to create an environment where the private sector can be supported.

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