Senior staff guilty of ignoring security policies


Senior staff guilty of ignoring security policies

Simon Quicke

Staff are often seen as the weakest link when it comes to security but most resellers will perhaps not have been expecting the problems to stem from the boardroom.

Most of the focus in the industry is on contractors, mobile staff and those employees that are handling the most sensitive data. But research from Cryptzone has revealed almost half of directors and senior managers think they can sidestep security policies.

A whopping 42% admitted to regularly ignoring policies and procedures and failed to perceive that perhaps in their positions they should have been setting an example to their staff.

The situation would be laughable except for the fact that 52% of those quizzed agreed that although they had access to the most sensitive information they had the least understanding of security.

"There's a saying 'do as I say, not as I do' and this study would appear to demonstrate that it resonates in the executive corridor of far too many organisations today. However, there's also a phrase 'united we stand, divided we fall' and that's what each person who doesn't tow the security line is potentially exposing their company to," said senior vice president of the NETconsent business unit at Cryptzone, Dominic Saunders.

He called on the channel to continue to educate customers about the need for better security policies and procedures.

"Education is so important so that every single person not only knows what they should be doing, but also why they're doing it. On top of that organisations need to get savvy and introduce solutions that don't allow anyone, regardless of how far up the corporate tree they sit, to flout policies and procedures," he added.

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