Bullish Getronics may get green light to go shopping

Alex Scroxton

Following its sale to German investment outfit Aurelius Getronics CEO Andreas Ziegenhain has spoken of a new energy behind the business and hinted that it may look to make acquisitions in the near future.

Speaking to MicroScope, Ziegenhain said that getting its freedom from previous owner, Dutch telco KPN, was paying off both in terms of customer wins and revenues.

"With our parent being a telco, their strategy focus was very different and the services business was a bit removed," he said. "There was some overlap in the enterprise but it was clear that there was a better future outside.

"The target companies Aurelius is floating by me are five times the size they were at KPN; there's a hunger to invest and a determination to make the business grow," he added.

"With acquisitions, we could double in size. Aurelius will let us invest to do that."

Andreas Ziegenhain - Getronics

Just two months after the sale was finalised, Getronics already claims to have grown its run rate by €100m (£80.4m) to around €550m, and Ziegenhain revealed that "with acquisitions, we could double in size. Aurelius will let us invest to do that."

The revitalisation of the firm - whose future in the UK looked bleak just a couple of years ago - includes more emphasis on cross-border collaboration between various members of its Getronics Workspace Alliance (GWA) programme, a network of collaborating regional service providers that has clubbed together to target larger clients.

Aurelius has made clear its intention to leverage the GWA in the hope that the alliance will, in time, offer a "good alternative to IBM or HP's services organisations," said Ziegenhain.

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