Centerprise adds to calls for IP security focus


Centerprise adds to calls for IP security focus

Simon Quicke

Centerprise has become the latest player in the market to identify the physical security market as an arena that data resellers should take advantage of.

In the last couple of months vendors and distributors including Logitech and ComputerLinks have released products and set up divisions to promote the technology which takes advantage of the move from analogue to digital CCTVs and monitoring systems.

Lee Cauchie, head of sales and marketing for Centerprise Security, said that a lot of IT companies were "trying to get in on the action" but they did not fully understand the product as well as the networking side and as a result were damaging the market.

"They don't understand the full benefits of the system and are fulfilling requirements but in some ways this destroys the market," he said.

He added that it had purchased IP security products through the acquisition of Visioprime a couple of years ago and was in a position to hand-hold resellers through the sales process.

Les Billing, head of Centerprise distribution, said that it not only allowed resellers access to a different market but it was one that could easily be offered as a managed service.

"We have extensive high quality security video expertise in Centerprise and are moving into control room technology, which we will use to help our reseller and VAR customers to ensure they achieve good installations and margins on their security opportunities," he said.

Last month, Computerlinks launched its IP security division headed up by John Turner with the aim of bringing in traditional resellers into a market where they could link in data and images captured by physical security systems into overall company protection.

Also last month Logitech announced it was looking for resellers to start selling its security cam systems that was pitched as an entry-level product for business users.

"With cost being a major issue for buyers at the moment, we believe this entry-level system will help resellers fulfill more customers' needs and increase their sales," said Yehia Oweiss, Logitech's regional director, UK & Ireland.

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