Data loss boon to resellers


Data loss boon to resellers

Security and storage specialists have been handed a gift with the high-profile data loss by HMRC causing panic among child benefit recipients and putting information management firmly in the spotlight.

Last week's disclosure that 25 million records have been lost after disks carrying the information went missing in the post between Newcastle and London might cost the Chancellor Alistair Darling his job but it will also hand a sales tool to resellers.

Barrie Desmond, business development and marketing director at Vadition, said this proved that high-profile data leaks were possible and that people were distributing too much information.

"It takes an event like this to highlight that more and more of our personal information is in a digital format and some of it can be found on the internet. This should be a big wake-up call," he said.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill, said resellers were finding that data leakage was already a major concern for customers and would continue to dominate the agenda going into next year.

In a statement, Alastair Broom, line of business director of security at Dimension Data, said the HMRC debacle highlighted the continuing need for education: "Increasingly simple technology makes it quick and easy to copy information onto different mobile devices for transportation, and this ease of use can translate into flippancy when it comes to security."

Other sources said it showed a lack of care in the public sector about records and raised serious questions over any future plans to introduce national ID cards.

"This does not bode well for either the national DNA database or, more importantly, the potential new ID card scheme," said Matthew Taylor, senior consultant at Evolution Security Systems.

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