Economy and compatibility fears could hit Windows 7


Economy and compatibility fears could hit Windows 7

Simon Quicke

The economy and compatibility issues could hold back the adoption of Windows 7 along with bad memories of a Vista experience.

That is the verdict of research into customer adoption plans for the next major OS release from Microsoft.

According to findings from Dimensional Research, carried out for systems management specialist KACE, 84 per cent of respondents in the global survey had no plan to move to Windows 7 next year and high numbers said they had concerns about moving away from XP.

There were high numbers, 60% that revealed they were even considering moving away from Microsoft all together and the Mac OS came out top among the alternatives being considered.

"The research shows that despite the early enthusiasm for Windows 7, organisations are still wary about adoption, demonstrating what could be described as an even overly cautious approach," said Diane Hagglund, senior research analyst at Dimensional Research and the survey's author.

"Negative public perception of Vista seems to have helped build this layer of distrust with Windows 7," she added.

The survey will fuel some concerns that history might repeat itself with the launch later this year of Windows 7 and mirror the experience that the industry went through with Vista, which failed to generate the pre-launch expected sales.

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