FAST IiS clarifies position with FAST Ltd to end confusion


FAST IiS clarifies position with FAST Ltd to end confusion

Simon Quicke

The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST IiS) has moved to clarify its standing with FAST Ltd in an attempt to dispel any confusion in the market.

Although the two operations are free standing there continues to be confusion about the relationship among both resellers and customers and as a result FAST IiS has issued a clarification statement.

"FAST Limited was acquired initially by the CS Group in May 2007, which was in turn acquired by the IRIS Group in July 2007 and since that time there has been confusion in the market. I would like to clarify the position," said John Lovelock, chief executive of FAST IiS.

"We are not the same, nor are we part of the same or related organisation," he added.

Matt Barnes, operations director at FAST Ltd, said that it did share the same aims in terms of wanting to reduce piracy and the use of unlicensed software but was "completely independent".

Some of the confusion has resulted in the assumption that the two businesses are linked and as a result aware of the messages and approach each other is taking to market.

"They approach things differently and sometimes the assumption has been that a call by FAST Ltd warning about a potential audit is some sort of warning that FAST IiS is about to follow them in looking for unlicensed software," said one source.

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