Glasshouse on staff recruitment drive


Glasshouse on staff recruitment drive

Simon Quicke

IT infrastructure consultancy specialist Glasshouse is launching the second wave of staff recruitment today to try and attract talent internally but also on behalf of customers.

The shortage of skills and the issue of retaining staff, particularly in high growth markets including storage, security and unified comms, has been a perennial bug bear of the channel.

This led managed service provider and storage adviser Glasshouse to launch the Academy four months ago to seek out qualified individuals.

"The recruitment process we were using was not fitting where we wanted to go and we needed new skills," said David Docherty, Glasshouse professional service director.

Docherty rued the lack of an industry standard apprenticeship scheme and it had introduced the Academy to help it fulfill its own growth ambitions.

The Academy aims to take six entrants with each wave after a selection process has whittled it down from 60 applications and the next phase is kicking off now.

But the remit of the Glasshouse school has expanded following requests from customers that they needed help in producing qualified staff to manage their infrastructure.

Paul Matravers, sales director at Hammer, agreed there were skills issues in the storage market but added that it was up to companies to create recruitment procedures that attract and then retain talented people.

He added that one of the problems that existed in parallel with bringing in fresh talent to the industry was the high cost of employing experienced individuals.

"There are a lot of experienced people in the industry that maybe have an expectation of what they can earn," he said, adding there was a lack of affordable quality employees.

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