Mobile phone security gets put on the 2010 agenda


Mobile phone security gets put on the 2010 agenda

Simon Quicke

One of the areas that could well cause concern on the security front next year is the emergence of threats targeting mobile devices.

The industry has been predicting the arrival of mobile phone viruses for a few years but those monitoring the situation are now noticing a cycle of development that starts with hackers proving they can do it before the criminals take it up and monetise the threat.

So far the sorts of people that have been hacking into phones have been hobbyists looking for fame but their activities will pave the way for criminals warned Guillaume Lovet, head of threat response team at Fortinet.

"We started to expect botnets on mobile phones two or three years ago but it has not happened yet. A lot of the big money threats have been on PCs but it may move at some point," he said.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill, said that the industry had been talking about mobile device security for years and there were solutions on sale but the awareness levels were still lagging behind.

"It has been behind curve but it is on our plan for next year and as the threat profile increases so will the awareness," he said.

He added that mobile devices often contained more personal information than desktops and for criminals "who follow the easiest path to water" the personal data stored on handsets was incredibly attractive.

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