Office based mobile phone calls costing millions


Office based mobile phone calls costing millions

Simon Quicke

Tightening up on the use of mobile phones could save users a fair bit of money and provide resellers pitching smart phones with a foot in the door after it emerged that £264m is wasted unnecessarily each year.

According to research from Damovo UK it turned out that not only were companies paying thousands on mobile calls but just shy of them were made by staff in the office and as a result could have been made on smarter equipment.

"Many organisations have under-utilised fixed line and WiFi networks. With the research revealing that nearly half of mobile calls are employees calling colleagues or the office, [firms] should look to ensure that calls are being made using the most cost-effective method," said Glyn Owen, portfolio manager at Damovo UK.

The suggested way to help cut costs of staff sitting next to a traditional phone calling contacts on a mobile in the office is to change the infrastructure and introduce some extenstions to the PBX system that allows mobile calls to be routed for free over a WLAN.

The research indicated that for many this will be easier said than done but changes needed to be made to the culture and mobile phone bills examined with the bit more of a critical eye on the bottom line.

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