Viatel launches home-working package


Viatel launches home-working package

Alex Scroxton

Business comms services provider Viatel has launched a home-working package including introductory special pricing in an attempt to help end-users drive down costs during the credit crunch.

According to Viatel, the initiative is pitched at firms that are controlling costs by closing or downsizing their offices, but are keen to retain their staff at the same time.

"Working from home can be the perfect solution to help rein in costs without losing valued employees, but organisations remain nervous about letting staff work from home, unsure of the security implications, and how productive they will be away from the watchful eye of the office environment," said Viatel head of product management, Michael Davies.

Viatel said that there was still reluctance to deploy staff at home mainly due to concerns around employees accessing company data over their home broadband connections, and revealed that customers will be able to integrate home-workers into Viatel MPLS networks, providing centralised company-wide internet access.

Meanwhile, for those stuck in the office, Cisco today launched the SME version of its enterprise Telepresence systems. Whereas previously a Telepresence installation required a specially designed room, the updated kit can be used in any room with an internet connection, making it a far more viable proposition for smaller companies.

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