Fujitsu Siemens successor plots infrastructure assault


Fujitsu Siemens successor plots infrastructure assault

Paul Kunert

Fujitsu Technology Services took its first breath today following the split with Siemens and outlined its vision of an organisation that will focus on enterprise infrastructure kit and services but will exit low-end technology markets.

The €450m deal that saw Fujitsu buy-out long standing partner Siemens has been finalised, creating an organisation with more than 35,000 staff.

The seven divisions run by Fujitsu Siemens Computers has been consolidated to four; Infrastructure Products and Services, Infrastructure Solutions, Managed Infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Kai Flore, CEO at the newly emerged FTS said the "centre of gravity for the product business" would remain in Europe, not Fujitsu's HQ in Japan, and local R&D would concentrate on Intel Architecture servers and storage.

"We have been in transition mode for the last six months and [have begun] to transform our portfolio more and more to an infrastructure [provider]. Our clear goal is to become an alternative to US companies," he said.

The sales target is to increase its x86 market share from 4% worldwide to 10% by 2010.

FTS already has partnerships in place with EMC and NetApp, and Flore said it would draw upon products in Fujitsu's range to bolster its portfolio with a focus around NAS, back-up and data de-duplication.

He said it had pulled the global purchasing organisations into one entity and improved its supply chain which would allow it to price more aggressively.

Despite this, the vendor plans to steer clear of the price war in the PC space, "Due to fierce competition, we think that the [low-end] in not our business anymore and therefore we will go for clients that [sit] mid or the premium market".

The intention is to build on partners sales and Flore insisted there was no intention to bypass or take business away from partners because "this would be a mistake".

This will be of interest to many partners that are building a services business, who could feel that they are on a collision course with FTS' own branded portfolio which includes maintenance and managed services.

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