Intel fires shots at EC in anti-trust probe


Intel fires shots at EC in anti-trust probe

Paul Kunert

Intel has accused the European Commission of not properly investigating claims that it has behaved anti-competitively and claimed that Brussels became biased in its handling of the case.

In a lawsuit filed against the EC, Intel argued the government body had failed to get the relevant factual and legal documents from AMD - relating to allegations it coerced retailers into using products containing Intel chips - therefore was unable to construct a defence.

It also added that given the lack of information, the judge presiding over the case was wrong to reject Intel's request for a further extension to the deadline to respond to the allegations, Supplementary Statement of Objections (SSO), made by the EC that seemed to side with AMD.

"The applicant [Intel] submits that the decisions contain errors in law and it claims that the time limit for its reply to SSO cannot start unless the file is materially complete, otherwise the undertaking wouldn't be able to exercise effectively its right to defence," stated the filing.

The SSO made by the EC in May - without the documents claimed to be vital to the case - were "manifestly illegal" Intel added, as they permitted an investigation which is "discriminatory and partial".

The Commission needed to review its findings and "adopt its decision on the basis of all available factual and legal information which might have a bearing on the result".

As a result, Intel wants the EC to pay its court costs, annul any previous finding it made early in the summer, and extend the deadline for submission to reply to those charges or SSO by 30 days after Intel is given the relevant documents by AMD.

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