Intel misses deadline to respond to EC anti-competitive case


Intel misses deadline to respond to EC anti-competitive case

Paul Kunert

Intel has failed to meet a deadline set by the European Commission to make a defence against allegations that it coerced retailers into steering clear of products containing chips made by arch rival AMD.

The accusations made in July centred on claims that Intel had acted anti-competitively and the EC had told the chip giant it had until 17 October to respond - a date that came and went a spokesman for the EU Competition Commission. confirmed.

As revealed by Microscope earlier this month, the industry heavyweight had asked the EC for an extension to respond to the charges.

At the time an Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy, had said it was due to a "procedural issue" to ensure it has the ability to "conduct a full and fair defence of the company this is a fundamental fairness issue."

Today, the chip leviathan sent a statement reiterating it had filed an appeal with the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg (CFI) that includes a "request for interim measures" which made the 17 October deadline moot.

"We've filed an appeal to get more evidence in the case for the Commission to evaluate, and we are waiting on the CFI to rule on the interim measures (a delay in our filing) and the substantive issues we have raised," the firm said.

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